Ikea France Exposed for Spying

A USB stick containing an explosive compartment to destroy all evidence, ended up not exploding and giving away the details of this espionage to the world. A complicated network of executives was spying on their employees and union workers was exposed, and workers in France are pissed. Sometimes Swedish meatballs go best with a side of corporate espionage.

With such great one liners as, “A model worker has become a radical employee representative overnight.” Its hard not to break out some kale snack chips and dive into the juicy details. This ring of spying can be traced all the way back to 2009, and include the local police force.

he entire operation is being pinned on one man, Jean Francois Paris, the head of their French unit of Risk Management. His paranoia went so deep as hiring a bodyguard disguised as an administrative assistant, in case a worker lost it and started swinging baguettes. He has accused the people who pinned this on him of, “cowardice” and claims the ring was much more widespread than we could possibly believe.

Their targets? Union leaders, employees, and some customers that were trying to return expensive items, which was really annoying.

Their contact? An ex military operative named, Jean Pierre Foures. He boasted, “Leaving no traces” as one of his more attractive business qualities. It must have been difficult for him carrying around explosive USB sticks all day, which probably ruined more than a few pairs of pants.

While this system of spying has been exposed, more corporate spies are doubtlessly out there. Just how deep does this schmorgas board of espionage go with the Swedish home retailer? We will gladly sit eating Swedish meatballs while the drama unfurls.

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