Global Shipping is Back to Normal Again, Thanks to the Moon

A ship larger and heavier than the empire state building was trapped in a 300 foot wide passage of the Suez Canal. How did it get stuck? People are blaming the wind for moving a boat the size of a skyscraper to plow into the side of the canal. How did it get unstuck? Well… would you believe it was the moon?

Luckily a super moon came in to lift the boat with abnormally large tides. It’s almost unbelievable. A gust of wind blows the boat into a wall, and then the moon comes in clutch to lift it out of the predicament. Its like something out of the Lord of The Rings

The Egyptian government was also pretty deeply involved, heavily dredging and excavating the areas around where the ship had gotten stuck. Videos of the tugboat captains are circulating, where they celebrate the release of the Ever Given from its sandy prison.

The internet was broken for a few days, by pictures of people making jokes about the EverGiven cargo ship being stuck in the Suez Canal. Now that the boat is released, who knows what we will talk about? Maybe Biden will fall up some stairs agin.

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