Whoops, a Boat is Trapped in the Suez Canal

A massive ship is stuck in the middle of the Suez Canal. The main shipping highway for oil to reach the western world is now blocked up worse than the guy who ate chilli cheese fries at Coachella. How could this all have happened? Well, a sandstorm blew in at exactly the wrong time. Shucks.

Parts of the Suez Canal get as narrow as 300 feet wide, and somehow there was enough wind and sand to ground this 1,300 foot ship into the banks on the side of the canal. An army of tugboats can be seen trying to pull the immense weight of this vessel away from the shoreline, but it seems to be no use. When a 1,300 foot anything gets stuck anywhere, it usually takes more than a tugboat to get it unstuck. Sorry tugboats.

Most of the global trade is now held up and considering the costly journey around the Cape of Good Hope, which is at the end of Africa (and adds a measly $450,000 to a tankers voyage). The cape is notorious for huge storms, and littered with bandito pirate gangs. Tom Hanks made a whole movie about how going through the Suez Canal is better than going around the Cape of Good Hope, and when he speaks we tend to listen to him.

Why does this matter to us peasants who don’t own a tanker? 2 Percent of the world’s oil is currently trying to pass through the Suez Canal, which is likely going to lead gas prices higher. If we don’t want gas prices to soar, we should join officials in praying for an extra high tide. Get your rain dance on.

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