Biden Fell Up Some Stairs, The Internet freaked Out

Joe Biden is the oldest president of the United States ever, and has nickname “Sleepy Joe”. With Trump out of office, content creation has run out of crazy things to talk about, since there are no tweets coming out at 4 in the morning. So when Joe Biden fell on his way up some of the steps to Air Force 1, the internet decided to go all out. (The funniest part? They blamed his fall on the wind.)

If Biden had moves like this on a skateboard, he would actually be Tony Hawk. Note that he is actually not wearing a helmet, which is something Kamila will have to talk with him about.

This would actually be much more comfortable way to board a plane. Why risk the dangerous winds, when those chairs from 4am infomercials are out there in existence? The suspense built up in Biden’s slow ride to the top would be incredible.

Little known fact: Biden was actually a solid football player, and lead his high school team to an undefeated season (in Delaware). Perhaps if he wasn’t the oldest President of the United States, he could be the oldest football player in the NFL?

I don’t know where Kamila would have found a group of trees in an airport to hide behind, but if she did this pic would be fitting. Since she is younger, she could obviously handle running up the steps. Perhaps she buttered them before the president took his big trip? See you next fall…

Without all the antics of Trump to keep people on the internet busy, any small thing can be blown out into a huge event. A simple stumble up the stairs is possibly the most exciting thing to happen in months. We are excited to see what other petty thing the internet can come up with for the small mistakes Biden will make.

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