How Emo Music Predicted 2020

Emo music so perfectly predicted our millennial lives, that we cant even. Songs about vindication, self loathing, and conspiracies have all become a strange reality. Millennials wanted a house with a lawn for dogs to run around in, but what we got was toilet paper shortages an a pandemic in 2020. Much like Nostradamus, it’s time to examine how our taste in music predicted our current predicament. 

  1. Some conspiracy theories were oddly accurate

Politicians and the elite had a sex island, aliens were confirmed by the US military, and monkeys had a literal war in Thailand. Before the beginning of quarantine this might have been a huge deal, but seems oddly normal for 2020. Now throw in the fact that having a dinner party with some friends might result in killing our parents. Doesn’t get much more emo than that. 


2) The Black Parade: BLM

This one is a bit more literal than anyone expected. The song is all about about going to a city to stand up for the repressed people out there in memory of our dad. Several months of protest later and we have filled the shoes of this prediction, which is another very emo thing.  

3) A Mysterious “They” Is Out There…

Who would have thought that talking about tacos would lead to taco adds popping up on social media for the next three days? The mysterious “They” may be onto something with the tacos here, but they also heard that conversation about accidentally pooping my pants and thats not okay.

4) We’re gonna be alone forever

“Cut my wrist and black my eyes” because we started quarantine without Bae. It would have been polite of the government to give people a 2 week heads up about being stuck alone in an apartment so everyone could have planned accordingly. Instead we were just stuck in our studios alone, wiping our butts with tortillas because Karen took all the toilet paper. 

5) We’ll Cary On

Nothing like quarantine to let people know that life just sort of “carries on”. Somehow we just keep waking up in the morning, making a little avocado toast, and drinking way too much coffee. Lets just hope 2021 mellows out a little bit. 

Since Emo music predicted 2020, lets just get excited to see what EDM music is going to bring to the table in 2021. Cant wait for everyone to be on drugs and dancing to the robot sex noises of life. Sometimes people need to look to the past to see the future. 

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